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More joy, less stress: save your sanity–and your wallet–this holiday season

December 4, 2019

Hoping to simplify the holiday season? Here are some ways to cut back spending–and stress.

Knowledge is power! Take a health risk assessment to improve your health

November 6, 2019

Do you know your health risks? A health risk assessment (HRA) can quickly show if you are at risk for things like heart attack, diabetes and stroke. Complete an online HRA offered by your state health plan today and get on a path to a stronger, healthier you!

Plan ahead with in-network providers to help prevent surprise medical bills

November 6, 2019

‘Tis the season to be getting a joyful holiday card in the mail–not an unexpected medical bill. Fortunately, with a little planning ahead, you can protect yourself—and your wallet—from the surprise medical bill Grinch. Help yourself avoid surprise health care bills with these steps.

Don't let the flu spoil your seasonal fun

November 6, 2019

Notice coworkers sniffling and sneezing? Complaining of body aches and coughing nonstop? Look out! It’s flu season! And it's not too late to get a flu shot at no charge to you.

Planning one last getaway this year? Travel wisely: Take the right health cards

November 6, 2019

Holiday time often means travel time. Here are a few quick tips to prevent an unexpected medical issue from spoiling your time away from home.

Reactivating your TexFlex debit card

November 6, 2019

If your TexFlex debit card has been suspended due to unvalidated card swipes, take action to reactivate your card.

Proposed new ERS rule up for adoption at December 10-11 ERS Board of Trustees meeting

November 6, 2019

The ERS Board of Trustees will consider a new proposed rule at their December meeting.

Managing diabetes: Your role on the care team

November 6, 2019

If you live with diabetes, you know that staying healthy means managing the condition every day. Having a strong health care team can help you–and you are the most important member of that team. Learn what you can do to protect your body from the damaging effects of diabetes.

Kicking the tobacco habit one step at a time

November 6, 2019

It’s the 44th year of the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout campaign, which encourages smokers to kick the habit. If you or a loved one is ready to take that step, ERS has the resources to help. See tips to begin a tobacco-free life.

Referral vs. prior authorization: What’s the difference?

October 2, 2019

Upon referral, you see a specialist who wants you to get an MRI. Remember: first, you need to get a prior authorization. Not getting one means you’ll likely pay more for the test. Learn more about referrals and prior authorizations.
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