We want your feeback2019 ERS Member Survey

Share your feedback about State of Texas benefit programs

The benefits and retirement programs offered through ERS help thousands of Texans live healthier, more financially secure lives. They also play an important role in attracting and retaining the workforce needed to serve Texas. 

To ensure we continue to deliver competitive benefits to meet our members’ needs, we would like your input.

You recently received an email from the Institute for Organizational Excellence (IOE) at the University of Texas at Austin inviting you to participate in a survey about ERS benefit plans and programs. IOE is helping ERS conduct this survey and collect feedback.

The brief survey should only take about 10 minutes to complete. Thank you for helping us deliver benefits that enhance the lives of state employees, retirees and their families.

ERS Member Survey FAQs

Why did I receive this survey and why is it from IOE?
Individuals who participate in ERS programs were randomly selected for the survey. IOE is helping ERS administer the survey and collect results.

Can I complete the survey by phone or return it by mail?
No, the survey is online and can only be completed using the link provided in your email.

Who will see my survey responses?
Your responses are confidential. Combined survey results will be shared with ERS leadership.

Am I required to participate in the survey?
No, your participation is voluntary; however, we value our members’ input and hope you will participate.

What will ERS do with the survey results?
Information collected through the survey will help ERS and stakeholder groups understand our members’ needs and the value of the benefits and retirement programs we provide.

For any other questions, contact Bernie Hajovsky at Bernie.Hajovsky@ers.texas.gov or (512) 867-7454.