April Fitness Community: move to manage stress

April 06, 2022

Well Aware logoIf you’ve already been a part of the monthly Fitness Connect Community webinar discussions, great job! If you haven’t yet participated, you still have plenty of chances to join the conversation. This month’s session will be about using fitness to manage stress. 

Living a fast-paced life may lead to our feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Our competing priorities may make us think that we just don’t have time for fitness. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, not having enough time is the number one barrier to fitness. 

As it turns out, however, making time to get moving is often exactly what we need to relieve the stress we feel. To learn about how to use Fitness for Stress Management, register for the April 12 Fitness Connect Community session.  You can register for this session, and as many future sessions as you’d like, by clicking the April session link below. 

Upcoming topics include:

  • April 12: Fitness for Stress Management
  • May 10: How Fitness Can Improve Your Mental Health 
  • June 14: Get Fit Outdoors 
  • July 12: What Moves You?
  • August 9: Fitness on a Budget
  • September 13: Fitting Fitness into Your Workday
  • October 11: Fitness for Self-Care
  • November 8: Keep Moving Through the Holidays
  • December 13: Look back on the Year and Get Ready for Next Year! 

Missed some sessions?

If you couldn’t join the Fitness Connect Community for the first three sessions, here’s a recap of what we discussed.

  • January 11: Goal Getter
    In this session, we talked about how to set goals we can actually achieve.
    • Key takeaways:
      • Start out small and focus on one goal at a time.
      • Identify the “why” of your goals so you can stay motivated.
      • Squash negative thoughts by continuing to visualize your success.​
  • February 8: Excuses Debunked
    In this session, we examined the common excuses we make for ourselves that prevent us from getting active. 
    • Key takeaways:
      • Know the common excuses, such as lack of time, lack of motivation and not knowing what to do.
      • You don’t have to have long workout sessions. 
      • Small, consistent activity like a few squats or a short walk will make a difference.​
  • March 8: Start with Tiny Habits
    We covered how small habits can lead to big results, because it’s hard to keep up with major changes.
    • Key takeaways:
      • Create effortless habits because these will stick.
      • Over time, small habits will have noticeable results.

For questions about the Fitness Connect Community, contact Becky Gillespie at Becky_Gillespie@bcbstx.com

The information presented in these sessions is for educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice.