Bullock Texas State History Museum: "Mind Matters"

July 06, 2022

It’s always a good time to raise our awareness around mental health, and a number of state entities provide educational opportunities on this issue that touches all of our lives in some way. 

Bob Bullock MuseumRight now, the Bullock Museum is hosting "Mental Health: Mind Matters." The exhibit allows you to “explore how mental illness has been treated in the past, put yourselves in the shoes of people living with mental illness, and use full-body activities to learn about healthy recognition and expression of emotions.”

On Wednesdays through Sundays until July 31, you have the opportunity to:

  • Engage with interactive components that examine the history of treatments, common misperceptions of mental illnesses and mental health, and how attitudes toward mental illnesses have varied over time.
  • Explore empathy-building experiences that demonstrate what some people who live with mental illnesses may experience.
  • Discover how artistic activities like painting, dancing and writing can help us identify and express our emotions, and strengthen our mental health.

Everyone can enjoy free admission on July 10, according to the museum’s website.