Deductibles, coinsurance reset Jan. 1

December 06, 2021

January 1 marks a new year and fresh start. The same is true for your prescription drug deductibles and any medical deductibles for your Texas Employees Group Benefits Program (GBP) health plans. You’ll have to reach the deductible amount before the plan pays its share. Coinsurance and total out-of-pocket maximums also start over.

pharmacist holding prescription talking to older man and womanHow do you know what your deductible is?

See deductibles and coinsurance amounts for each GBP plan on the Health Plans Comparison Chart that came in your annual benefits enrollment packet earlier this year. You can also view the Health Plans Comparison Chart.

Except for Consumer Directed HealthSelect,SM (which has one deductible covering medical services and prescription drugs), each GBP prescription drug plan has a $50 annual deductible. See medical plan deductibles below.

HealthSelect of Texas® none
HealthSelectSM Out-of-State: $500 per individual; $1,500 per family
Consumer Directed HealthSelect High–deductible plan In-network: $2,100 per individual; $4,200 per family
Out-of-network: $4,200 per individual; $8,400 per family
HealthSelectSM Medicare Advantage Plan preferred provider organization No deductible for in-network or out-of-network services
HealthSelectSM Secondary (Medicare-eligible participants) In-network and out-of-network: $200 per individual; $600 per family