Don't forget your vaccine

September 13, 2021

older woman with mask getting vaccinated…Your flu vaccine, that is. COVID-19 vaccines may be getting all the attention, but the flu vaccine is still important, especially for adults age 65 and older. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends getting a vaccine in September or October to give flu-fighting antibodies a chance to work.

Check with your health care provider about getting your shot. Flu vaccines also are covered at 100% at in-network pharmacies that offer them. Wherever you get your shot, make sure the service is coded as preventive so you don’t pay anything out of pocket.

And if you haven’t gotten vaccinated against COVID-19 yet, it’s a very good idea to do that, too—to protect yourself and others against a potentially deadly disease that is still very much with us. COVID vaccinations are available at no cost at many locations throughout the state.

View more information and locate in-network pharmacies on your prescription drug plan’s website: