ERS adopts new rules and rule amendments at its August board meeting

September 07, 2022

Board iconYou can always find links to rules, statutes and constitutional provisions relating to ERS on our “Statutes and Rules” webpage.

The ERS Board of Trustees adopted the following rules and rule amendments in its August 24 meeting:

  • Chapter 71 (Creditable Service): §§ 71.2, 71.5, 71.14, 71.17, 71.19, 71.29 and 71.31 to clarify how the new cash balance retirement benefit will interact with the existing rules regarding creditable service
  • Chapter 73 (Benefits): §§ 73.2, 73.11, 73.21 and 73.49 to clarify eligibility and actuarial calculations for ERS’ four retirement groups and other regulations
  • Chapter 76 (Cash Balance Benefit): New chapter to describe and clarify the administration of the cash balance retirement benefit established by Texas Government Code Chapter 820