How to make the most of your TexFlex FSA

September 07, 2022

Did you enroll or re-enroll in a TexFlexSM flexible spending account (FSA) for Plan Year 2023?

woman comparing two items at a pharmacy

Review these quick tips and maximize your FSA in the coming months.

  • Visit the TexFlex website to find helpful resources such as the how-to guides.
  • Activate your TexFlexSM debit card for your health care or limited-purpose FSA.
    • You can order additional cards for dependents through this website. Otherwise, you can call PayFlex at (866) 353-9839 (TTY: 711) to order a card for your dependent. There is no cost to you for additional cards.
  • Set up your online account to do things like check your balance, view account activity, set up account notifications and direct deposit and submit claims for reimbursement.
    • New health care and limited-purpose FSA participants: Be sure to have your debit card nearby. You’ll need it to set up your online account.
    • If you’ve already set up your online account, you can continue to use the same username and password to log in.
    • If you’ve added a new TexFlex FSA account, you don’t need to do anything. For example, if you had a health care FSA last year and you are adding a dependent care FSA or switching to a limited-purpose FSA, you will now see information about the additional or new FSA when you log in to your account.
  • Download the PayFlex Mobile® app. Once you have an online account, download the app for free. Use the mobile app to scan products to find out if they are eligible expenses.
  • Choose how to use your TexFlex funds. Use your TexFlex debit card, or use another form of payment and submit your claims on the TexFlex website or app. You may also mail or fax claims. When you submit claims for reimbursement, your documents must show:
    • merchant/provider name,
    • patient name (if applicable),
    • date of service,
    • description of service and
    • final amount you had to pay. Please note that TexFlex can’t accept documents that show an “estimated” or “pending” amount from insurance.

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