Nominations are in for the next ERS Board trustee-elect

April 07, 2021

ERS Board of Trustees logoNominations are in for the 2021 Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS) Board of Trustees election. ERS will certify the nominated candidates on April 8. After the candidates are certified, you can read their statements and learn more about them on the ERS Trustee Elections and Appointments webpage.

Meet the candidates

In early May, ERS will mail you a traditional paper ballot and information about the Board candidates. ERS will also livestream the biennial candidate forum on May 6 so you can hear from the candidates directly. 

Each candidate will provide an opening statement and answer questions about their position on benefits issues. You can submit questions to the candidates electronically before or during the forum through our online form (available soon). We will ask the candidates as many questions as time permits during the forum. If we don’t get to a question, it’s because we ran out of time.

You can watch the forum live on May 6. After that, you can view a recording of it on the ERS website throughout the voting period, May 7 through June 11.

Voting options

In addition to the traditional paper ballot you will get in the mail in early May, ERS offers electronic voting that is convenient and secure. To vote electronically, you can visit the voting portal at or go to the ERS website and click the “VOTE” link on the top center of the page. Please note that these electronic voting options will not be available until May 7.

When you vote electronically, you save money for the ERS Retirement Trust Fund. It also helps avoid mistakes that might prevent your ballot from being counted.

And the winner is…

ERS will certify the Board election results on July 15. The candidate with the most votes will be certified as the new Board trustee-elect. The trustee-elect’s term will begin September 1, 2021.

Look for more information about the election and the candidates in upcoming issues of News About Your Benefits and on the ERS Trustee Elections and Appointments webpage. Remember to check the webpage again after April 8 to meet the candidates!