Summer Enrollment will be here soon (for active employees and retirees not enrolled in Medicare)

May 04, 2022

Summer Enrollment logoIf you are an active employee or retiree not enrolled in Medicare, Summer Enrollment will be here soon. Summer Enrollment is your chance to review your current benefits elections and make changes for yourself and your eligible dependents. If you want to keep your same coverage, you don’t have to do anything.

Do you have a new mailing address?

If you’ve moved within the last year and have a new mailing address, you must update your mailing address in your ERS OnLine account so ERS has accurate information for you on file. If your mailing address in ERS OnLine isn’t up-to-date, you might not get important benefits information from us. 

Follow the steps below to access your ERS OnLine account.

  1. Visit My Account Login on the ERS website.
  2. If you have registered for an ERS OnLine account, click Proceed to Login. If you do not have an account yet, click Register Now to create one.
  3. After logging in to your account, your individual home page will come up.
  4. Review your personal information, especially your mailing address.

Please note: You will get confirmation by email or letter for all changes you make in your ERS OnLine account.

When can you make changes to your benefits?

Summer Enrollment occurs in stages, based on where you work. During your agency’s or higher education institution’s two-week phase, you can make or change your benefit elections. 

Find out which Summer Enrollment phase your agency or higher education institution is in at this link:

No changes? No problem—you do not need to do anything. Your current coverage will carry forward to the new plan year, which begins September 1.

If you do want to make benefit election changes during your two-week Summer Enrollment phase, you will be able to do so in one of two ways:

  • Sign in to your ERS OnLine account.
  • Contact your benefits coordinator or human resources department.

We’ll add more information to the Summer Enrollment webpage as it becomes available.