Take a “glance” at what ERS has accomplished

March 13, 2023

decorativeBeing a retiree comes with a sense of achievement. A well-deserved retirement is the fruit of so many years of labor. A proud time, no doubt. Of course, ERS will never retire, but we take time at the end of every fiscal year to reflect on and take pride in our accomplishments of the year.

Check out the latest ERS at a Glance report and equip yourself with the following facts about how ERS serves Texans:

  • Despite a tumultuous market, the ERS’ investments beat expectations and achieved results that put our performance above many other public employee retirement systems.
  • In just a little more than a year, the agency implemented an entirely new retirement benefit for new employees starting after Aug. 31, 2022 and has already enrolled more than 5,000 members in it.
  • ERS responded to almost half a million phone calls and 40,000 emails, and conducted 1,550 one-on-one benefits counseling sessions. We also hosted 110 informational webinars and in-person presentations for members and retirees.
  • One in 56 Texans is covered by the health insurance plans ERS administers. This includes more than 127,000retirees, 200,000 employees, 194,000 dependents, and 6,000 survivors and others.
  • ERS paid a total of $2.9 billion to retirees and beneficiaries across 253 of Texas’ 254 counties, benefiting not just the annuitants, but the local economies where they spend their money.
  • ERS worked with our plan administrators to quickly provide access to COVID tests and cover new antiviral therapies.

Read more in the FY22 ERS at a Glance. You can find it and other reports on our website’s Reports on ERS Operations and Overall Financial Management webpage.