Walk your way to better health with the ERS Walk and Talk podcast

September 01, 2021

You probably know that walking is one of the simplest ways to stay physically fit. Recent research indicates that brisk 40-minute walks three times a week also can support brain function and memory as you age. 

Next time you’re tying on your walking shoes, you can take ERS Health Promotion Administrator Lacy Wolff along with you through the ERS Walk and Talk podcast. Each episode features Wolff walking and talking with a health and wellness expert or inspirational guest. Recent topics include “The Key to Intrinsic Motivation,” “Surprising Antidotes for Loneliness,” and “The Link Between Physical Activity and Leadership.” 

“My goal is simple—to encourage people to take a break and do something good for their health above and below the neck,” Wolff says. 

ERS Walk and Talk is available on most podcast platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. New episodes are posted every other Friday. Find a link to the series and recordings of previous episodes on the ERS Wellness Resources webpage.

photo of Lacy WolffLacy Wolff is the health promotion administrator for the Texas Employees Group Benefits Program (GBP).