What are value-added benefits?

March 07, 2022

You’ve probably seen references to “value added” benefits in the information for the Texas Employees Group Benefits Program (GPB) health plans. These are additional benefits to support your health and wellness and include gym memberships, weight management programs and tools to help you manage chronic conditions.

Have you ever wondered why ERS and your health plan offer these bonus benefits at little or no extra cost to you?

older man doing squats at gymHealth plan carriers offer value-added benefits to improve the health outcomes of their participants. Not only is that good for you, it can potentially save the plan money. When you are healthier, you may be able to avoid more expensive care. When the plan can keep costs down, everyone benefits. In fact, partly because of cost-saving measures like these, the state is still able to pay all or much of the health insurance premiums for retirees, and ERS hasn’t had to increase premiums in several years.

Your health plan may call you or send information encouraging you to take advantage of these extra benefits. Be assured that they are not trying to sell you anything, they’re just trying to help you live your healthiest life. If you ever have questions about a value-added benefit, visit your plan’s website or contact them at the number on the back of your plan ID card. You don’t have to participate in the value-added benefits, but we hope you’ll at least consider those available to you. 

Be aware that, unlike medical benefits that are effective for a plan year or longer, ERS and plan administrators cannot guarantee the length of time a particular value-added benefit is offered.