Service Purchase Request

Service Purchase Request for Retirees

If you want to purchase service credit, you must complete the estimate request below. A service purchase coupon will be emailed to the address you have on file in your online account. Completing a Service Purchase Request does not obligate you to buy service credit.


Emails are typically answered within 48 hours. You must use the email address that is on file with ERS to receive personal account information. For an immediate response, please call.

If you plan to purchase your service credit through a direct rollover from another qualified retirement plan including Texa$aver, please call ERS.

What type of employee are you?:

Purchase between 1-4 months of service credit after your initial waiting period is over.The cost increases on your birthday and is calculated based on your age and earliest retirement date.

Were you hired before September 1, 1973?:

Were you hired after September 1, 2003?:

Withdrawn/Refunded ServiceWhen you leave state employment and take a withdrawal of your ERS retirement account money. It becomes withdrawn service credit. If you return to state employment, you may buy back the withdrawn ERS service after a 90-day waiting period and at least six months have passed since the date of your withdrawal.

Did you leave State employment and withdraw your ERS service credit more than 6 months ago?:

Have you returned to State employment or are you a member of another retirement system?:

You must purchase all service for which you may be eligible, such as withdrawn ERS service, military service, etc., before you can purchase ASC. Note: This ASC estimate is based on information you provide.The official cost may be different.

Are you a current State employee and have at least 10 years of ERS service credit (military service credit and unused sick/annual leave does not apply)?:

Military Service You may purchase up to 60 months of active duty United States military service credit. You must not be eligible for a military retirement based on 20 or more years of active military duty, and your military discharge must not be dishonorable. A copy of your military service record (such as your DD214 or NGB23) will be required.

Are you eligible for a military retirement (20+ years of active military duty)?:

Was your discharge dishonorable or a court martial?:

Have you sent ERS a copy of your military service record (DD214 or NGB23)?: