Annual enrollment for retirees not eligible for Medicare is July 13-24

Annual enrollment for retirees not eligible for Medicare is July 13-24

June 8, 2020
Summer Enrollment retiree guideThe annual benefits enrollment period for employees and retirees in the Texas Employees Group Benefits Program (GBP) who are not eligible for Medicare begins June 22. The assigned two-week enrollment phase for retirees and their covered dependents is July 13–July 24.

Benefits enrollment for Medicare-eligible retirees is in the fall. If you are not yet enrolled in Medicare, but a covered dependent is, their enrollment period is during Summer Enrollment.

No changes? No problem

If you do not need to change your benefits, you do not need to do anything. Your current coverage will carry forward to the new plan year, which begins September 1.

What’s new for Plan Year 2021

There are no major changes in health plan offerings or administrators for Plan Year 2021. View your Summer Enrollment packet (to be mailed in late June) to review benefits options.

Starting September 1, ERS’ tobacco use policy will include electronic cigarettes and vaping products. GBP participants who use these products (including vaping products without nicotine) must certify as tobacco users. (See “ERS tobacco policy updated for e-cigarettes.”)

Review your options

Review benefit options in your Summer Enrollment guide. Your Personal Benefits Enrollment Statement (PBES) has your current elections and tobacco-use status. You can also view the guide, premium rate sheets and other Summer Enrollment information on the Summer Enrollment webpage

Update your elections online 24/7

If you need to change your benefit elections, you can do so 24/7 through ERS OnLine anytime during your enrollment phase. If you don’t have an ERS OnLine account or yours is no longer active, consider creating an account. Even in retirement, your ERS OnLine account is an important tool for exchanging information with ERS.

If you don’t have internet access or need assistance updating your benefits, contact ERS toll-free at (866) 399-6908 (TTY: 711). Be sure to call during your two-week enrollment phase.

Join a Summer Enrollment webinar

Learn about your Plan Year 2021 options and get answers to your questions at any of several webinars in June and July. See the Enrollment Events webpage for a schedule.  Check back often to see dates and times of additional sessions.