Investment Advisory Committee

The Investment Advisory Committee (IAC) was created to consult and advise the ERS Board of Trustees on investments and investment related issues. Generally, the IAC meets quarterly, on the same day as each Board meeting, to consider investment-related issues in depth.

Mr. Gene L. Needles Jr., chair

Term expires May 31, 2026

Ms. Laurie L. Dotter, CPA, vice-chair

Term expires May 31, 2025

Mr. Robert G. Alley, CFA

Term expires August 31, 2024

Mr. Ryan Bailey, CFA , CAIA, FRM, CMT

Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer
Paradigm Institutional Investment, LLC
Term expires March 31, 2025

Ms. Ruby Muñoz Dang

Partner, Director of Marketing and Client Services
Garcia Hamilton & Associates, LP
Term expires March 31, 2025

Mr. Milton Hixson, CPA, CFP

FMP Wealth Advisors
Term expires March 31, 2026

Mr. Ken D. Mindell, CPA

Term expires May 31, 2025