Who is eligible for GBP insurance benefits?

Retiree Benefits

As an eligible State of Texas retiree, you have access to valuable benefits you earned through years of service to the state.

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Health Benefits

ERS’ health plans can help you and your family live a more healthy and financially secure life.

Are you eligible for Medicare, or becoming eligible soon? Learn how your state health benefits work with Medicare.

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My ERS Retirement

Your stable lifetime annuity payments are the result of your and the state’s contributions throughout your career, and ERS’ sound investment of those contributions.

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Optional Add-on Benefits

As a retiree, you still have access to optional benefits that provide additional security and savings. But your options are different from when you were an active employee.

2020 Retiree Events

Medicare Preparation and Wellness webinars

Life Changes

Notify ERS as soon as possible when you experience life changes such as marriage, divorce, death, Medicare eligibility or children getting their own coverage. There are possible benefits and coverage options available to you as a result of these types of life changes.

Rates and Forms

Retiree News

Participants in Texas Employees Group Benefits Program health plans who use e-cigarettes or vaping products must certify as tobacco users.  Read more about ERS' tobacco policy  and certifying tobacco use. 
The annual benefits enrollment period for retirees not enrolled in Medicare is around the corner. See reminders, important dates and information about Summer Enrollment webinars.
Week after week, counselors in ERS’ Contact Center assist thousands of State of Texas employees and retirees. Read about this important front-line role and learn how to connect with ERS when you need help.
In an ever-changing world, one constant has been the willingness of ERS’ employees and plan administrators to serve and support retirees and each other.  Read how they have gone above and beyond during a unique and scary time. 
Carl Williams encountered a lot as in his long career in Texas law enforcement. That doesn't mean he feels the need to slow down. Instead, he's recorded tales of his life and career in a recently published book.
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