ERS Trustees

The ERS Board of Trustees comprises six members. Three trustees are appointed — one each by the Governor, the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives and the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court — and confirmed by the Texas Senate. Three are elected by ERS members and retirees. Both appointed and elected trustees serve staggered six-year terms, with the terms of one appointee expiring on August 31 of each even-numbered year and the term of one elected trustee on August 31 of each odd-numbered year. More information is available in the Texas Administrative Code.

Portrait of I. Craig HesterI. Craig Hester, Chair

Appointed by Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Nathan Hecht

Portrait of Ilesa DanielsIlesa Daniels, Vice-chair

Elected 2015

Portrait of Doug DanzeiserDoug Danzeiser

Appointed in 2014 to fill a vacant elected seat

Portrait of Cydney DonnellCydney Donnell

Appointed by Governor Rick Perry

Portrait of Catherine MelvinCatherine Melvin

Elected 2017

Portrait of Jeanie WyattJeanie Wyatt

Appointed by Speaker of the House Joe Straus