Culture & Testimonial

Bob's headshot"Coming to ERS was a real eye opener after a 25 year career at my previous employer. Working in such close quarters with the Network, Enterprise, Database, and Security teams was so different and refreshing from the federated approach I encountered before working at ERS. It felt great to be part of an interwoven team dedicated to the support of the health and future well-being of Texas state employees. Everyone is very dedicated and focused, and we really care about our mission.”  Bob

Angelica's headshot“ERS was my first “real” job after college and I am so grateful for that! ERS has given me the opportunity to kick-start my career and grow within the agency.”  Angelica

June's headshot“The investment team has a myriad of expertise from diverse finance backgrounds, which creates a highly dynamic and collegial environment. The open culture encourages the cross-pollination of ideas, which makes us better at what we do. We are also provided a level of trusted autonomy, which in turn fosters a strong sense of ownership in and commitment to our work.”  June

Cynthia's headshot“I have worked at ERS for 10 years. I came here from the private sector and was impressed by ERS' mission statement, which is strongly member-focused. As a result, ERS is always looking to improve service and efficiency. I can tell you that ERS has very advanced call service technology, equivalent to what you would find in a private-sector call center. We get customer compliments all the time for the level of service we provide our members.”  Cynthia