Proportionate Retirement Program (PRP)

A member of any of the following retirement systems who participates in the Proportionate Retirement Program (PRP) can combine service credit from two or more systems to help meet retirement eligibility. Keep in mind:

  • All service purchases, including those from other institutions, must be completed before you apply for retirement.
  • Your retirement payments would directly reflect the amount of service credit you have in each system.
  • You must meet retirement eligibility in each system before you can start drawing payments.

Participating Retirement Systems

If you are a member of more than one of these systems and combine your service credit, you may be eligible to receive a retirement check from each system you have service with. The payment amount would reflect the creditable service you have in each system.

If you’re a PRP member and have refunded ERS service, you can buy it back without being reemployed with the state. Likewise, if you’re an ERS member, you may purchase refunded service from any of the retirement systems participating in the program. Each system may have its own specific rules governing service purchases, so it’s always best to coordinate between that system and ERS.