Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) for Retirees

HMOs are network-restricted health plans available only to members and their eligible dependents that live or work in certain Texas counties. HMO provider networks are much smaller than the statewide network in the HealthSelectSM plans. Members typically pay full cost for care received from providers outside the network (except emergency care). HMO premiums are usually lower than HealthSelect premiums. Each HMO includes comprehensive prescription drug coverage administered by the HMO directly.

Comparison Chart for Different Health Care Plans

HMOs for retirees

Community First Health Plan

Community First Health Plan

Serving the San Antonio area

<p>KelseyCare Advantage</p>

KelseyCare Advantage

Serving only Medicare eligible retirees in Houston area counties

Scott and White Health Plan

Scott and White Health Plan

Serving central Texas