HealthSelect Medicare Rx Prescription Drug Plan

HealthSelectSM Medicare Advantage preferred provider organization (MA PPO) and HealthSelectSM Secondary include a comprehensive prescription drug plan (PDP) called HealthSelectSM Medicare Rx, which is administered by UnitedHealthcare®.

Plan Benefits

  • You can take your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice, or save money when you choose one of the thousands of local and national pharmacies in the plan’s network. A network pharmacy will submit a claim for you.
  • The plan has a $50 annual deductible, per participant. The deductible is based on the calendar year and resets every January 1.
  • After you meet the deductible for the year, you pay copayments for prescriptions purchased either at a network pharmacy or by mail. The copayment amount is based on the type of medication and the quantity you order.
  • You can choose to purchase short-term medications at a local retail pharmacy and purchase long-term medications by mail or at an Extended Day Supply (EDS) retail pharmacy
  • When you register for a UnitedHealthcare account, you can take advantage of convenient online services, such as prescription refills from the mail service pharmacy. Sign up using the information from your health insurance ID card or your prescription drug ID card.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Medicare-enrolled retirees and their Medicare-eligible dependents are automatically enrolled in this plan when they enroll in one of the plans listed above.