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Featured Story: Perseverance, integrity, courage and commitment

You are never too old to reinvent yourself.  If you need an example of how true this adage is, consider Al Maberry’s story: at age 63, Maberry, the life-long farmer, became a corrections officer.  

Still making a difference

December 5, 2019

At 96 years old, retiree Lula Marie Sullivan shows that staying active has no age limit.

Managing diabetes by embracing technology

October 2, 2019

Stuart Greenfield has successfully managed his Type 1 diabetes for more than 50 years. He relies on ever-improving technology to control his blood sugar levels—and he credits having good health coverage with helping him thrive. Read more.

From guard to guide

August 7, 2019

JoAnn Norman has a mission: to help the women she meets every week build their sense of self-worth. Her monthly annuity gives her the financial support she needs to continue serving those serving time. Read more.

Covering all his bases

December 28, 2018

Thomas Barker-White has learned that "life can come at you quick." The disability coverage and health insurance offered to State of Texas workers prepares you for that unexpected challenge, Barker-White asserts.

A Place in the sun

December 28, 2018

Thanks to his ERS benefits, Charlie Keen can follow one of his rules of retirement: try to enjoy every day.