Mission and Strategic Plan

Mission and Strategic Plan

ERS Mission Statement

ERS offers competitive benefits to enhance the lives of its members.

Strategic Planning Process

The strategic planning process produced a guide for project planning, budget activities and prioritization. In addition, the process involved a wide spectrum of ERS employees and enabled staff to work collaboratively as a team, strengthen the group’s analytical skills, and learn from and with one another.

The four goals that will guide ERS through 2023 are noted below.

Goal #1 – Support Our Members’ Retirement Income Security

As public servants, state employees provide critical services to Texans. ERS works to support the current and future workforce by attaining and maintaining actuarially sound retirement plans, providing tools and assistance to enhance retirement readiness, and administering and managing trust assets innovatively to achieve target returns within risk tolerance.

Goal #2 – Sustain Competitive Group Benefits Programs

ERS strives to offer competitive benefits at a reasonable cost to members, retirees and their dependents. To accomplish this, ERS administers programs that offer value to participants and employers, encourage participants to actively engage in healthy behaviors, and use data analytics to better manage the programs and improve outcomes.

Goal #3 – Engage Stakeholders for Informed Decision Making

ERS recognizes the important role that its members, the Texas Legislature, the member groups and countless others play in shaping group benefit program offerings. As new plans or programs are considered or introduced, it is critical that ERS engage its stakeholders to support positive outcomes. Thus, ERS will educate stakeholders on programs and their value, increase its own understanding of stakeholder needs and appropriately apply input into agency activities.

Goal # 4 – Enhance Agency Performance and Accountability

As benefit plans and products evolve and more state employees look toward retirement, it is important that the agency be nimble to adapt to changes and seize opportunities to increase efficiency and effectiveness. At the same time, we must ensure our policies, processes and procedures are transparent to maintain the trust of our members and the public. We recognize that our employees are our greatest assets. We value the contribution that each individual makes to our success and seek to leverage their input, skills and talents to achieve the agency’s mission.