Disabled Dependent Child

Disabled dependents age 26 and over eligible for insurance, even if not covered before

HB 2155 allows you to apply for coverage for your disabled dependent age 26 and over during certain enrollment periods, even if not previously covered.

Who is eligible?

A child age 26 and older who is mentally or physically disabled may be eligible for coverage if the child lives with you or is dependent on care provided by you on a regular basis, and is:

  • mentally or physically incapacitated to such an extent as he or she must rely upon you for care or support, and
  • prevented by the condition from engaging in self-sustaining employment.

How and when can I apply?

To apply, send ERS the completed Application to Request Coverage for a Disabled Dependent Child, at Age 26 and Over:

  • during your next Annual Enrollment Period,
  • during your Initial Enrollment Period as a new employee, or
  • within the first 30 days from the date of your dependent child’s first medical treatment related to his or her disability.
  • with a valid QLE

The effective date will be the first of the month following the approval letter date for these approvals. For new employees, the health coverage will not take effect until after the member has fulfilled the waiting period.

You can still apply for continuation of coverage for your disabled dependent by sending the application to ERS before the 1st of the month following your covered child’s 26th birthday.

Evidence of insurability (EOI)

The EOI requirement for Dependent Life will only be waived if you are a new employee enrolling a dependent for the first time, or for a newly eligible dependent who gains coverage due to the incapacitating QLE.