Filing for disability insurance benefits

Understand the filing process

It’s important to know who does what if you take leave due to disability and file for Texas Income Protection Plan (TIPP) benefits. Telling your Benefits Coordinator (BC) or HR department that you’re taking disability leave is important. But your BC isn’t responsible for filing your disability claim—that part is up to you. Here’s a look at who does what.

What you need to do:

  • You must tell your HR department you’re taking leave due to disability.
  • You can initiate a claim on the TIPP website or by calling TIPP Customer Care at (855) 604-6230. Review the process to file a disability claim.
  • You must complete the employee section of the disability claim form.

What your employer needs to do:

  • Your BC or HR will ensure that your leave is documented correctly.
  • After you complete your section, ask your employer (BC or HR) to complete the employer section of the disability claim form and return to you.

What the provider will do:

  • After you file, ReedGroup will mail you a claim form.
  • Once all sections are complete, you must return the disability claim form to ReedGroup within 10 business days after you receive the acknowledgement packet.
  • ReedGroup will contact you on the status of your claim.