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Employee perspectives

ERS is proud to offer employees a strong work-life balance, a collaborative environment, competitive benefits, and opportunities to build their skills and careers. In our commitment to our members and our mission, we’re also committed to providing our employees with a great working experience. 

But don't take our word for it. Read what our employees have to say! 

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I joined ERS after working in the private sector. ERS was different in many ways, and I quickly came to appreciate the dedication of my coworkers here, the sense of purpose and collaboration throughout the agency, and the real enjoyment people have working at ERS. Not to mention, you can’t beat the benefits! I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my career here, then retiring with a good pension.

The two things that drew me to ERS are its mission and reputation for great work. What keeps me here are the smart people and a culture that supports learning, wellness and work/life balance.

ERS is the third state agency I have worked for and truly my favorite. The culture, the work ethic everyone upholds and the overall positive environment make coming to work an enjoyable place to be. I started at ERS as a temp in the contact center in 2014. I eventually made my way over to the Survivor Benefits team in 2017, and then a couple of years after that in 2019, to Human Resources. I not only enjoy the work I perform, but I am also proud to be part of a team of an amazing group of people. We stay busy, but we also remain personable, and we get through tasks together. It is a pleasure to be part of the ERS family.

As I transitioned from my previous employment, I found myself searching not only for a new position, but for a position where I could make a difference in people’s lives. I met and interviewed with several companies across the U.S. and internationally. Although I had several offers, including other Texas state agencies, I decided that ERS was the best fit for me, even though monetarily the other offers were better. I wanted to continue my service to others, as I did for our nation by serving for 14 years in the military. I now decided to serve my fellow Texas citizens! The people at ERS are the best to work with and the feeling of family resonates throughout all of my work experiences.

ERS is my first job working for a state agency after many years in the corporate Information Technology world, and I’d always heard warnings about government work… low morale, slow progress on projects, uncaring management. Boy, was I wrong! From my first week at ERS it was clear just the opposite is true. All the ERS divisions work hard to serve our customers, my fellow employees are great to work with as we strive toward common goals, and management makes sure that we are kept up to date on what’s going on and they listen to our suggestions. Adding to that, ERS is just the right organization size where EVERYONE can make a difference!

I’ve worked for private organizations, a non-profit organization and now a state government organization – The Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS). With this experience, I can confidently say that my current employer, ERS, is the best! When I worked at the private organizations, I never heard the words, “your family comes first”. And, although the pay was typically good, the schedules were rigid and usually the same for all employees. At the non-profit organization, I received much gratitude for my efforts and the work was rewarding, however, the benefits were lacking and there was limited opportunity to move up. But, here at ERS, I have the best of both experiences! I’ve actually heard the words “your family comes first” and my managers have proven to me that they sincerely support me and my family. Here at ERS, I have a flexible work schedule, a competitive salary, excellent benefits and opportunities for training and promotion. And finally, here at ERS, my job is rewarding in the fact that every day I am serving our wonderful State of Texas employees and retirees. I hope you will consider joining me along with my amazing coworkers here at ERS.

I joined the Employees Retirement System of Texas in June 2021 and I have so enjoyed being a part of this great organization. It’s a pleasure to be a part of an organization that is serving our retirees and beneficiaries. ERS offers great benefits, including a flexible telecommuting / in-office schedule, unmatched health coverage and a top-notch retirement plan. I’ve been highly impressed by the leadership of the organization and I think very highly of the executives I’ve had the chance to interact with. I moved to Austin in June and some of my closest friends in town are those I work with at ERS. There is an authentic camaraderie within the agency and I’ve really enjoyed working alongside such a talented team.

As a working mom, I cannot imagine a more welcoming place to work. Apart from the flexibility and benefits provided, my manager and CFO has always been sensitive and caring towards my professional and personal development and needs. Lifetime milestones are celebrated, not compromised. I believe that together we will continue to succeed, and contribute to the growth and development of ERS.