Group 4 Retirement Estimate

You need to enter the last day that you will be on payroll for the State. This date determines the amount of service credit used in this estimate. If you plan to work until your retirement date, enter your retirement date as your last day of state employment. 

If you would like to view the Retiree and Survivor's lifetime options, a beneficiary with a date of birth is needed to calculate your annuity payment as a retiree and the monthly payment to your beneficiary after your death.

 No. It is used only for this estimate.

If eligible, yes. However, choosing the PLSO permanently reduces the amount of your monthly annuity payment.

Yes. We provide you with estimates for 12, 24, and 36 months as a guide to make your decision.

The option percent is the percent of the standard annuity you will receive if you choose an option other than the standard annuity.

Your saved estimate is available for six months. After six months, it will be permanently deleted.