Emerging Managers

ERS has determined that, over the long term, inclusion of emerging managers as part of external investment management should enhance and diversify ERS’ expected trust portfolio and complement ERS’ internal investment management.

If you are a private professional investment manager with less than $2 billion in assets who provides consulting, investment advising, brokerage services, hedge fund management, private equity management, or real estate investment, you may be eligible to participate in the emerging managers program. Register with ERS on the External Advisor Website for a review of your firm materials by staff and/or ERS Partners.

ERS believes in equal opportunity access for all managers and has established details about its emerging manager program in the ERS Investment Policy. The goal of the ERS Investments Division is to provide frank feedback in a timely matter to managers.

Due to limited time and resources, staff will only be able to have a meeting or conference call with those managers that have a current portfolio fit. Please note that follow-up is not automatic and it is the manager’s responsibility to request a meeting with ERS staff, which can be done by sending an email to the External Advisory Team. ERS staff is not responsible for scheduling meetings with ERS Partners but will facilitate introductions if needed.