Health Benefits

The Texas Employees Group Benefits Program (GBP) provides employees, retirees and their families with valuable health coverage that helps them live healthy lives. 

Most  state agency and higher education employees and their families become eligible for health coverage after 60 days of employment.

The state pays 100% of the monthly premium for eligible full-time employees, and half of eligible family members’ premiums. The state’s payment for retiree health premiums are based on how long the retiree worked for the state and when they started state employment. Health plan participants also share costs with the state in other ways. Members are responsible for copays, coinsurance and any deductibles that might apply in their plan. Watch ERS’ Cost Sharing and How it Works video for more information. In general, the state pays more than twice as much as participants for their overall health costs.

Most GBP health plans are network-based. That means you will pay more if you see providers outside the network. You can help keep costs down – for both yourself and the plan—by seeing in-network providers and by choosing doctor—approved generic prescription drugs, talking with doctors about high-cost imaging versus x-rays and examining invoices for incorrect charges. These efforts also will help you avoid unexpected health care bills.

For more information on health benefits for you and your family visit:

Note: ERS benefits are subject to change without notice and depend on funding from the state.