Know your tax facts

December 11, 2023

1099-R Form and 1095-B reminder

Tax season is around the corner. Here is a refresher about tax-time forms related to your retirement and health care benefits.

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What is a 1099-R?

Form 1099-R shows distributions (gross earnings) from your annuity and the taxes that were withheld. You should receive the form in the mail by early February. You can view it through your ERS OnLine account starting January 15.

To view or print your form:

  1. Log in ERS OnLine.
  2. Look for “My Payroll Information” on the Retiree homepage.
  3. Click “1099-R Summary.”

You can also access your 1099-R forms from the past three years.

If you did not register your ERS OnLine account before you retired or within 90 days after your retirement, call ERS at (866) 399-6908 (TTY: 711).


What if I took a partial lump sum?

If you retired in 2023 and opted for a partial lump-sum payment in addition to your monthly payment, you will get two 1099-R statements. If you are retired from another system, contact that system directly with questions about tax forms.

Federal tax withholdings could change your annuity in 2024

Federal tax withholding tables can change every calendar year, depending on action by Congress and/or the IRS. ERS is required to implement the IRS’ changes to the tax withholding tables. If your annuity amount changes in 2024, check the tax withholdings. ERS cannot provide tax advice but a tax advisor can help you make decisions about your tax withholding.

Form 1095-B: proof of medical coverage

Form 1095-B contains information to prove that you (and any covered dependents) had medical coverage in 2023. You no longer need to provide the IRS with a copy of Form 1095-B during tax season. Your GBP health plan provider or, if you’re enrolled in Medicare, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will send this information to the IRS electronically.

If you want a copy of your Form 1095-B to keep with your tax or insurance records, you can get one from your health provider.

HealthSelectSM of Texas plan participants: If you participated in HealthSelect of Texas or Consumer Directed HealthSelectSM in 2023 and were not enrolled in Medicare, you can get a copy of Form 1095-B online through your Blue Access for MembersSM account . Or, you can request a paper copy be mailed to you by calling Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) at (800) 252-8039 (TTY: 711). (Please note: All covered dependents will be included on one form; your Blue Access for Members account will not show a separate form for each of your dependents.)

Medicare enrollees: If you are 65 or older and were covered by Medicare Part A for the entire calendar year, CMS will provide the IRS with proof of your medical coverage. If you enrolled in Medicare for the first time, you had Medicare Part A for part of the year, or you are under age 65 with Medicare, CMS will send you a copy of Form 1095-B. If you want a copy of Form 1095-B from Medicare, call (800)-MEDICARE or (800) 633-4227), TTY (877) 486-2048.


For more information

For more information about Form 1095-B, see ERS’ Form 1095-B FAQs. You can also find additional information on ERS’ Form 1099-R FAQs and federal tax withholding on monthly annuity payments.