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  • Add a little resistance to your workout to help you stay strong and independent.

  • Know your tax facts
    December 11, 2023

    Tax season is around the corner. Here is a refresher about tax-time forms related to your retirement and health care benefits.

  • Don’t forget, beginning Jan. 1, 2024, Express Scripts and Express ScriptsTM Medicare (PDP) will become the new third-party administrators for the HealthSelectSM Prescription Drug Program (PDP) and HealthSelectSM Medicare Rx, respectively.

  • You may see a change in your annuity check depending on your benefit elections.

  • One way we are working to better serve you is through our growing wellness program.

  • Jan. 1 marks a new year and fresh start. The same is true for your prescription drug deductibles and any medical deductibles for your Texas Employees Group Benefits Program (GBP) health plans.

  • The respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a common respiratory virus. Although it usually causes only mild, cold-like symptoms, RSV can be serious.

  • If you continued your Optional Term Life Insurance benefit into retirement, this is a reminder that coverage begins decreasing at age 70 while your premium rates continue to increase every five years.

  • Fall Enrollment begins Oct. 30
    September 12, 2023

    The Fall Enrollment period for Medicare-eligible retirees in the Texas Employees Group Benefits Program (GBP) is Oct. 30 through Nov. 17.

  • This time of year, at the start of a new fiscal year and between Summer and Fall Enrollment, I often think about ERS’ relationships with its members and retirees, and the many ways we foster those relationships.