PayFlex is now Inspira Financial

February 07, 2024
Text logos for "TexFlex" and "Inspira Financial"

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PayFlex, the third-party administrator of TexFlexSM flexible spending accounts (FSAs), has rebranded as Inspira FinancialTM. The change will have very little impact on how you use your TexFlex account(s). There's no change to how you submit claims and are reimbursed for FSA-eligible expenses. If you have a TexFlex debit card, you can continue to use it for FSA-eligible health care and limited-purpose expenses.

What is changing?

If you recently logged into your TexFlex account, you may have noticed an announcement on the member website and mobile app. You will continue to access your account through or the PayFlex mobile app, with the same login information you currently use. In the next few weeks, you'll notice additional branding-related changes—such as the Inspira name, logo and colors—on the post-login website and the mobile app, as well as emails, letters and other documentation you receive from them. You'll also see the Inspira logo on the TexFlex website.

Note: The expense calculators on the TexFlex website were temporarily disabled starting Jan. 17, but they should be back up and running as soon as possible.


PayFlex will email TexFlex participants with more information about the rebranding.

Do I need to pay for expenses or submit claims differently?

No. If you have a PayFlex-issued debit card, you can continue to use it for eligible health care or limited-purpose expenses through the expiration date identified on your card. When your card expires, you'll receive a new one.

You also can submit claims the same way(s) you always have, through your online account or the mobile app, or via fax or mail.

Reimbursement checks with the PayFlex name will still be valid and ready to be deposited or cashed until the stated expiration date, which is usually nine months. The change does not affect direct deposits.

Why is this happening?

Millennium Trust Company acquired PayFlex in 2022. As a result, they have rebranded both companies to Inspira Financial.

These frequently asked questions provide more information about the change.