State of Texas Vision welcome packets from EyeMed on the way

September 06, 2023

Superior Vision’s call center and website available through Feb. 28, 2024

EyeMed Vision Care, LLC (EyeMed), the new administrator of State of Texas Vision, is mailing welcome packets throughout August to all State of Texas Vision participants. The packet includes a welcome letter, two ID cards to use starting Sept. 1, a summary of vision benefits and a list of in-network vision providers closest to your address. If you're a continuing plan participant or enrolled yourself or a dependent during Summer Enrollment, you should get the packet this month.

Important points and helpful reminders:

  • You don't need an ID card; just give your name and date of birth to the provider’s office.
  • Use the Find a Provider tool to search for an in-network provider.
  • As of Sept. 1, register for an account on EyeMed’s plan website to access claims and any additional discounts available at provider locations. After Aug. 31, you'll no longer have access to your Superior Vision account.
  • Download the EyeMed mobile app for easy access to plan benefits and help, anywhere you go.

Superior Vision will provide support via call center and website through February 2024.

Continue to contact Superior Vision toll-free at (877) 396-4128 (TTY: 711) with any questions about claims and benefits incurred through Aug. 31. Superior Vision's call center and website will be available until Feb. 28, 2024.

Only plan information will be available at until Aug. 31, 2023. No claims information will be viewable on the Superior Vision website.