Who is eligible for GBP insurance benefits?

Choosing benefits for Active Employees

As a State of Texas employee, you earn valuable benefits.

Health Benefits

Health Benefits

ERS’ health plans can help you and your family live a more healthy and financially secure life.

Retirement Contributions and Planning

Retirement Contributions
and Planning

You and the state invest throughout your career for a stable lifetime benefit when you retire.

Optional Add-on Benefits

Optional Add-on Benefits

Optional benefits provide additional security and savings.

New Employee

Need to enroll in a new benefit program or change coverage? Don’t miss Summer Enrollment.

Life Changes

You can change many of your benefits as your life changes. Learn more about updating your coverage options after marriage, a new child and other life events..

Rates and Forms

Employee News


Put submitting your TexFlex claims on your holiday “to-do” list.


What we can do to avoid, delay and even revert type 2 diabetes.


Remember: file for insurance benefits as soon as you know that you’ll be out of work because of a disability.


Are you getting the most from your benefits? One of the best ways to make sure you know all you can about your coverage is to review your health plan’s member guide.


If you travel this holiday season, remember to prepare for health emergencies.

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