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Summer Enrollment 2024

For active employees and retirees not eligible for Medicare

Active employees and retirees not eligible for Medicare can enroll in or change coverage (for self and dependents) during the two-week Summer Enrollment phase assigned to their agency. 

Coverage changes start Sept. 1, 2024.

Find your two-week enrollment phase

Summer Enrollment is your only chance to make benefits changes unless you have a qualifying life event (QLE). If you do not have changes, you don’t need to do anything; your current coverage will continue through Plan Year 2025 (Sept. 1, 2024 – Aug. 31, 2025).

We’ll update this page as information becomes available.

Check back in late May and early June to view premium rate sheets, enrollment guides and other plan year materials.

Summer Enrollment events

We’ll hold in-person fairs and online webinars about Plan Year 2025 benefits. View the schedule, when available, on this page or on the events calendar.